IJTIMAATI’s Features


IJTIMAATI allows the user to save their digital signature that will be documented for future procedures.


With the assistance of new digital ways of working, there doesn’t have to be a quality distinction between working together face-to-ace and digitally. IJTIMAATI helps the users to get rid of all the paperwork as it focuses on growing on the technological side. It's time to get along with the growing technology world. Let's be part of Digitize Meeting Environment.


IJTIMAATI application enables tracking, assigning, and monitoring meeting on the same platform.


IJTIMAATI enables the user to chat either individual or a group. It also allows the meeting participants to share their respective documents to each other.


The participants may come up with an amazing new idea in a freely thinking way. Moreover, all the tools will be provided in order to think out of the box.


The users archive all the previous meeting data and stored documents. The digital archiving that we bring to you also preserve the data authenticity, access, durability, removability, and highly practical.


IJTIMAATI App is supported by the language’s Arabic and English


The decisions of the management have a strong impact on the future and success of an organization. In this application every decision can be done through IJTIMAATI anonymously voting feature. In just one click your vote will be counted.


The user has the capacity to share the protected documents with other user through email or by using the application.


Our security measures shield and protect the corporate data. We also provide the secure connection and data management so it will have a faster access.


Ijtimaati permits for the board directories to share each other’s screen while they are attending the meeting.

What is the feature of ijtimaati?

Data Encryption

We provide a security measure to protect the corporate data from any risk goes end to end as we go to Cloud. We have a data encryption functionality to convert the data to encrypted form.

Save Note

The users can enable the features to form note on each documents you’re uploading in case you fail to recall what’s the documents is all about. Better note taking can also help you to learn new concepts, organize your thoughts, encourage your creativity, and help you share important information with others and so much more. Having great notes can reduce stress levels, keep you on task and make you more productive.

High Resolution

The edge of this application has been designed the way that can give a clear picture of that section or range. The design supports a high-resolution texts and images

Remote Access

The edge of this application has been designed the way that can give a clear picture of that section or range. The design supports a high-resolution texts and images.

Cutting Cost

Reduce the cost of using paper and handicrafts


IJTIMAATI allow the members to post news connected to the company or any news outside the company premises.